About Us

Hi there! I’m Tash, founder of The Refill Box.

We know that Single-use plastic is damaging our planet, something has to be done to reduce the impact of our society and it’s wasteful habits.

Our hope is to inspire a low-waste culture for everyone.
Our goal is to make plastic-free packaging become the normal way to sell products, bringing your own container and buying as much or little as you want, reducing waste and cost!

Our vegan, zero-waste shop in Stratford-upon-Avon stocks a range of food, cleaning products, household and beauty products.

All items are vegan, plastic free, and are sourced as ethically and locally as we possibly can.

I wanted to open The Refill Box in Stratford-upon-Avon because of a few reasons, It’s my local area and as I personally felt the need for less packaging, I wanted to create this space in Stratford myself as well as the community in Stratford.

Having visited the climate marches around Stratford, it’s very clear that the younger generation is aware of their impact on the planet. In addition, speaking to the local people and customers who have been shopping for a long time, they have a clear want for less packaging, as shopping in the past created much less waste.

By opening my zero waste store I hope to create a zero waste culture in Stratford, I want each and every person to feel like they can make a difference and change the world for the better, even just a little bit. I want shopping without waste to become the normal routine of every household.

Considering veganism and sustainability to be trends makes no sense to me personally, it’s common knowledge that our planet is struggling right now, it is choking on plastic and greenhouse gases. The only way to prevent this is to change your actions for the better, this isn’t a trend, it’s survival.